Technology for Human and People

Service sector has played a central role in national industrial development and contributed greatly to economic development. In order to reconsider the competitiveness of the whole country, it is important to have an international competitiveness inventory of individual industries.

Since our establishment in 1994, Jinkwang Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. has secured many advanced technical personnel. It participates in the design, supervision and professional construction business with high technology, Not only has it made a great contribution to the development, but also in the field of construction management and construction supervision. We are proud of our contribution to construction development.

Also in the field of construction management and overseas engineering, We will provide excellent technology and service.

In addition, we will do our best to provide investment and support for R&D to provide high quality service to the construction industry and promise to do our best to satisfy customers in participating business.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning, Feasibility Studies, Site Selection & Land Development Planning, Building Scale & Code Analysis, Financial Analysis, Programming.

Environment Design

Urban Design, Master Planning, LandScape Design

Architectural Design

Conceptual Design, Schematic & Design Development, Construction Document, Regulatory Review & Approval.


Structual Engineering, MEchanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering.

Construction Administration

Construction Supervision, Liability Construction Supervision, Inspection of Document.

Construction Management

Construct Administration, Cost Management, Time Management, Quality Managemnt, Safty Management.

Our Customers


Korea Electric Power Corporation


LH Corporation


Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport


Procurement agency

JinKwang Construction Engineering

Electric Facilities. Safety Inspection Part. Social Works

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